Sophie the Giraffe Teether Baby Toy: My Review – One of the Best Toys That’s Worth Every Penny

Why Sophie the Giraffe is the Must-have Baby Toy:

Sophie is made of natural rubber and makes a pleasant squeak whenever any part of her body is squeezed, so a baby of virtually any age will enjoy her. Sophie is also the very best teether I have come across as well.  Its the only one my son will continually use.


Did I mention that she smells delicious? I mean, she smells like vanilla sugar cookies! That was something that I didn’t expect.



The reason why is because she’s constructed of high quality materials:

  • 100% natural rubber (safe for the little one to chew on).
  • Each spot is hand painted using food-grade paint (safe as well!) This also makes the Sophie that you buy unique as no two are exactly alike. This is something that I find pretty cool.
  • Phthalates and BPA free (Yes! I am very paranoid about checking for these things).

More about Sophie…

  • Sophie’s body, while soft, has several areas of thicker rubber (the nubs on her head, her ears, and her feet) which are perfect for teething babies to gnaw on for relief.
  • Sophie’s contrasting colors (spots) are visually stimulating to a baby.
  • She is easy to grip given her long, thin neck.
  • This is a quality baby toy which will last for many years.

I know what you might be thinking: “But it’s a glorified dog chew toy…”

And to be honest, I thought the exact same thing at first. I even refused to buy one because of the price. Then my 10 month old niece got one for Christmas and I took a closer look…

The first thing I noticed was just how smooth she was, almost like soft baby skin. Then after a gentle squeeze of her leg, she squeaked. Not an annoying squeak either, but one that I could tolerate hearing over and over again.  She squeaked from just about every area I pressed on…

Serge Jacquemier, CEO Vulli SAS

…I was impressed to say the least. So was my son, apparently, who would not stop screaming until he could hold her. At that point, I was sold and soon after he became a proud new owner of his very own Sophie.

I could tell that Vulli® (the creator) put some serious thought in the design and construction of Sophie. I’ve never seen a safer baby toy in my life. You can tell that they’re VERY proud of her too. 🙂


Is Sophie Worth Buying?

The bad news:

Right before I made the purchase online, I Googled the toy extensively to see what other parents were saying. One image came up, which I found alarming…

A woman sliced her baby’s Sophie open and there was mold inside. I was shocked and did even more research…

The good news:

What I found out was that the person who posted it often cleaned her Sophie under a sink faucet and quite thoroughly too. It made sense. Water entering the squeak hole (medical term) and staying inside over a period of time would definitely cause mold growth.


Many parents, myself included, only clean Sophie with pacifier wipes and other baby safe cleaning wipes. But what if drool entered?  I wondered the same thing, so I bit the bullet and ordered Sophie, putting her to the test.

After one month of my son drooling like a St. Bernard and gnawing on the toy like one too, I took a pair of scissors and cut Sophie open. It was difficult but I had to know if it was safe for my boy to have…

Sophie The Giraffe Is Totally safe!

baby toys

Not a spec of mold. But how could this be and what steps did I take?

  • Only clean Sophie with pacifier wipes or other baby safe cleaning wipes.
  • If you must rinse her in the sink, plug the hole with your thumb and rinse carefully.
  • Never bring her in for bath time. Choose another toy.

Did any drool enter Sophie over the month?


I would assume so. My bet is that small amounts entered and because it was small amounts, it naturally dried up before it could become a problem. Not to mention, he wasn’t trying to get any inside, just casually chewed on random parts like any baby would do…


So I went back to Amazon and ordered a replacement

I was confident that with proper care Sophie would be just fine.


How Sophie is made:


So should you buy Sophie the Giraffe?

It’s up to you! But from one parent to another, this is an excellent, high quality toy/teether that’s worth every cent. Sophie the Giraffe is a keeper and you can purchase her here.

~ Jenna


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